How to Unlock New Guns in THE FINALS

To survive THE FINALS, you’ll need a diverse armory. Here’s how to unlock new guns and equipment in THE FINALS. 

THE FINALS is a fast-paced FPS with completely destructible environments developed by Embark Studios. Because it’s still new, some game mechanics may confuse you, including how to unlock new guns. While most games may have missions or an armory, in THE FINALS, you can select the weapon you want to get and then gain the XP required to unlock it, adding to the game’s customized and catered gameplay. Here’s how to unlock new guns in THE FINALS. 

How to Unlock New Guns in THE FINALS

To unlock new guns in THE FINALS, select Collection on the home screen, select the gun or item you’d like to unlock, then select Activate Unlock Process. XP gained in matches will go toward unlocking the item and once you’ve gained enough XP, you can add the new item to your loadouts.

Unlocking New Guns in THE FINALS

Matches that you win in the game will reward you with more XP than matches that you lose. Leaving matches early will reduce the XP gained for the match, so make sure to finish games if you want to unlock new weapons and items. 

In addition to weapons, players can also unlock utility items, like new grenades and abilities that will maximize their efficiency while in battle. In THE FINALS, you’ll have options to get snipers, SMGs, rifles, shotguns, and even melee weapons. If you hope to do better in your matches and increase your KD, choose items you’re normally good with. 

The process to unlock new weapons in the game is really easy, but you’ll need to know where to look. If you have the Battle Pass, you can also get cosmetics for the different items you unlock as you win matches. 

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