THE FINALS Closed Beta Test 2 Starts June 14

The second closed-beta test for the upcoming PC FPS, THE FINALS, will occur later this week and will run for a week. 

First-person shooters are a pillar of gaming, and one new FPS is looking to take space on the Mount Rushmore of shooting titles. THE FINALS is an upcoming free-to-play shooter developed and published by Embark Studios, where players are transported to a dystopian future and are planted as a contestant in a gameshow where winning means life or death. 

THE FINALS Closed Beta Dates and Details

THE FINALS held its first closed beta earlier this year and will be hosting its second closed beta test from June 14 – 21, 2023. To participate, visit the Steam page for the game and Request Access to the closed beta. 

Players will receive an email notification when they’ve been accepted into the test. 

For now, THE FINALS is only available for PC players via Steam. 

The Executive Producer of THE FINALS, Jonathan Lindsay stated: 

This test is a side-by-side comparison to our previous beta that we hosted back in March. Most of the changes we’re introducing in this closed beta are under-the-hood type improvements, based on some of the key feedback we got from previous testing, related to performance, the through-the-gun experience, movement, and more.

The closed playtest will include a more casual “quickplay” in a 3v3v3 format called Quick Cash. In this mode, match time is increased, respawn timers and extraction times have been reduced, and there will only be one vault active at a time.

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