THE FINALS: All Weapons and Guns List

There are 20 total weapons in THE FINALS, each with pros and cons. If you’re looking for a new loadout, look no further — here are all the weapons in the game. 

In THE FINALS, there are 20 weapons and counting, some of which are great for close combat and others great for taking out the enemy at range. Over time, the developers of the game, Embark Studios, are sure to update the game to include even more weapons. As they are released, we’ll update this list. If you’ve been looking for a full list of everything you can equip, you’ve come to the right place. 

THE FINALS: All Weapons and Guns List

Here are all the weapons and guns currently in THE FINALS game:

Weapon NameBuild TypeDescription
DaggerLightClose-range melee weapon.
LH1LightSemi-automatic battle rifle.
M11LightFast-firing, fully auto machine pistol.
SH1900LightDouble-barrel shotgun with a wide spread.
SR-84LightBolt-action sniper rifle.
SwordLightHigh-damage melee weapon.
V95LightSemi-auto pistol.
XP-54LightTactical submachine gun.
AKMMediumFully automatic assault rifle.
CL-40MediumPump-action grenade launcher.
FCARMediumHeavy tactical assault rifle.
Model 1887MediumLever-action shotgun firing pellets.
R .357MediumHigh-power revolver.
Riot ShieldMediumCarried shield; can be held close to the body for protection or used as a close-range melee weapon.
FlamethrowerHeavyEmits a stream of fire that burns and damages contestants.
Lewis GunHeavyPan magazine-fed light machine gun.
M60HeavyFully automatic light machine gun.
SA1216HeavyRapid-fire, semi-automatic shotgun with a quad-tube magazine.
SledgehammerHeavyBoth a melee weapon and a tool that destroys the arena itself.

And there you have it! Those are all the weapons and guns in THE FINALS game. As mentioned previously, there’s a high chance that the developers will introduce more weapons as more betas come out for the game.

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