Killer Frequency: Corn Maze Guide

If you’re lost on the Corn Maze mission in Killer Frequency, this guide will help walk you through the game’s twists and turns. 

In Killer Frequency, a caller named Eugene will call in. You’ll need to walk him through a giant corn maze as he runs from the Whistling Killer to pass the mission. If you keep failing this quest, it’s okay — it’s a bit complicated. Here’s how to solve the corn maze in Killer Frequency. 

How to Solve the Corn Maze in Killer Frequency

Before you can walk Eugene through the corn maze, you’ll need to locate the maze map in the reception desk garbage bin. Once you have the map, to solve the corn maze, select the following dialogue options: 

  1. Go left!
  2. Go backwards! 
  3. Go left! 
  4. Go right! 
  5. Go right!

If you’d rather solve this quest yourself, you can look at the map and note what Eugene is saying to walk them through the maze. Throughout the call, Eugene will name landmarks and his location, which you can use to locate where he is on the maze map. 

Remember to mount the maze to your DJ booth so that you can access it easily throughout the quest, or — if you’d like a shortcut, you can just follow the dialogue options listed above for an easy pass on the mission. 

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