Killer Frequency Discord Server Link

Link up with other murder-mystery fans with the Killer Frequency Discord channel.

Step into the late-night radio horror of Killer Frequency, but don’t face the chilling adventure alone. As you navigate through the eerie small town of Gallows Creek, mid-west USA, this Discord community will be your refuge, connecting you with fellow fans, the development team, and a host of thrilling discussions. Get ready to tune in, share your experiences, and unravel the secrets of the game together with the official Killer Frequency Discord server. 

Killer Frequency Discord Server 

The link for the official Killer Frequency Discord server is:

The Killer Frequency Discord is a great place to meet with other murder mystery aficionados and to ask questions to the developers. It includes the following channels:

  • announcements 
  • twitter-feed
  • useful-links
  • dev-blog
  • FAQ
  • general 
  • screenshots
  • streams-and-vids
  • memes
  • creative
  • questions

Join the Killer Frequency community and engage with the developers! 

Killer Frequency offers a one-of-a-kind ‘radio host’ experience with a blend of comedy and horror. Set in the 1980s, this adventure takes you on a journey through an eerie small town as Halloween approaches. Prepare for real-time decision-making and puzzle-solving as you interact with eccentric characters, gather clues, and help callers survive the night.

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