Meet Your Maker: All Guards and Upgrades

Here's a look at all the Outpost Guards you can place in your base in Meet Your Maker.

Guards are another type of defensive unit you can place in your Outposts aside from traps. Guards are mobile, and you can set their path to make them patrol around specific areas of your base. It’s always a good idea to include some in your Outpost for extra defensive measures and force a change of pace. Here’s a quick rundown of all four Guards, and their upgrades, currently in Meet Your Maker.

All Guards in Meet Your Maker

  • Cannonback: A sub-clone equipped with a cannon that lobs explosives.
Meet Your Maker Cannonback
  • Enforcer: A bolt-shooting sub-clone that specializes in mid-range combat.
Meet Your Maker Enforcer
  • Hornet: A flying sub-clone that fires plasma bolts that home in slightly on their target.
Meet Your Maker Hornet
  • Warmonger: A large sub-clone with two heavy blades embedded in its arms that chases and slashes its target.
Meet Your Maker Warmonger

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All Guard Upgrades in Meet Your Maker

At the time of writing, all four Guards have the same seven purchasable upgrades:

  • Adrenal Converter: Increases the Guard’s movement speed in combat.
  • Bloodlust: The Cannonback rushes to battle when seeing another guard in combat.
  • Dead Man’s Switch: A bomb implanted in the Guard exploded on death.
  • Optical Implant: Increases the range of the Cannonback’s vision.
  • Plating: Significantly improves the Cannonback’s defense by adding armor to its upper and lower body.
  • Reflex Manipulation: Increases the Cannonback’s fire rate.
  • Short Leash: The Cannonback remains within 1.5 blocks of its patrol path.

As the game is still technically in Beta, we may see additional Guards get added to the game or some changes to their upgrades in future updates. We’ll update the list if you find it useful.