Meet Your Maker Release Date and Trailer

Meet Your Maker is a unique take on the raiding game genre. Here's what we know about it, including the release date & official trailer.

Meet Your Maker is an upcoming builder/raider game created by the amazing development team at Behaviour Interactive. In Meet Your Maker, you take the role of a Custodian–a caretaker for a giant Outpost that you build and customize to keep other would-be thieves out of your loot room. Utilizing both PvE and PvP combat mechanics in a first-person perspective, here’s everything we know about the Meet Your Maker release date, including details and the trailer for the game. 

Meet Your Maker Release Date 

According to the Meet Your Maker website, the game will launch on April 4, 2023, on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox X|S, and PC. Unlike other games, Meet Your Maker will not have an early-access phase and will instead launch as a complete game.

Meet Your Maker will also be holding an Open Beta on Steam, which players can sign up for starting February 6.

Read the full interview with Behaviour’s Nicholas Lefevre here.

Meet Your Maker Trailer

The Meet Your Maker trailer perfectly encapsulates the essence of the core gameplay and game aesthetic, oozing through the veneer of this mysterious Steampunk world. 

We got our hands on the game’s closed beta, and we’ve been impressed by the world-building and fun gameplay loop. 

Watch the trailer for Meet Your Maker here:

Learn more about Meet Your Maker on the Official Meet Your Maker website

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