Meet Your Maker: How to Unlock New Traps

Here's how to get more traps and upgrade your current traps in Meet Your Maker.
Meet Your Maker Prota Traps Advisor
Screenshot: Meet Your Maker by Behaviour Interactive/Gamer Digest

Trying to build an impenetrable outpost in Meet Your Maker? Creating the best Outpost not only takes some time but also takes a lot of resources and creativity. If you want to equip your Outpost will the trickiest traps in the game, you’ll need to unlock some new ones. By default, players only start with the Bolt Trap, Impaler, and Corrosive Cube, so here’s how you can unlock new traps in Meet Your Maker.

How to Unlock New Traps in Meet your Maker

Traps can be purchased and upgraded by visiting Prota, the Traps Advisor, in the main Outpost. The Traps Advisor is located in the northwest corner of the main Outpost. Prota allows you to purchase a basic Boost to get 5% more Synthite drops in Raids, and she also has a large selection of new traps to unlock,

Meet Your Maker: How to Unlock New Traps
Screenshot: Meet Your Maker by Behaviour Interactive/Gamer Digest

Each trap you unlock can also be upgraded to have additional mods. Upgrades can include things like making the trap trigger more than once, making the trap explode on death, increasing the trap projectile range, etc. To get to the upgrade menu, select a trap and press “F” to get to the Upgrade Trap menu.

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All Traps in Meet Your Maker

  • Boltshot: Fires a volley of bolts. Triggers once.
  • Bomb Ejector: Releases multiple bouncing bombs that explode after a short duration. Triggers once.
  • Corrosive Cube: A container of acid that can dissolve a raider. Cannot be destroyed.
  • Death Piston: Piston that extends at set intervals, smashing anything that stands in its way. Triggers until destroyed.
  • Holocube: A hologram that takes on the appearance of a bedrock block. Disappears when a raider approaches.
  • Impaler: Spikes extend from the trap, impaling anything within close range. Triggers once.
  • Incinerator: Spews fire at its target. Triggers until destroyed.
  • Iron Claw: Launches a claw that catches its target and drags it to the trap. Non-lethal. Triggers until destroyed.
  • Plasma Sentinel: Continuously fires balls of plasma from all sides. Triggers until destroyed.

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