Fastest Way to Level Weapons in Modern Warfare 2

Here's one of the fastest ways to level up your weapons in Modern Warfare 2 so you can grind those gold camos.

Leveling weapons is something every Call of Duty player is familiar with, and it’s the same story in Modern Warfare 2. Many players seek out various methods for efficient weapon grinding to save a little time and max everything out as quickly as possible. In this guide, we’ll explore some of the fastest ways to level weapons in Modern Warfare 2.

Leveling weapons allows you to unlock attachments, weapon tuning, and other weapons, and is generally something you’ll want to do to optimize your loadout. In MW2, it’s not quite as slow as Vanguard, but it’s still a grind.

Fastest Way to Level Weapons in Modern Warfare 2

The fastest way to level up your weapons in Modern Warfare 2 is by playing Invasion mode in Multiplayer. Invasion is a mode for Modern Warfare 2’s Multiplayer where AI-controlled enemies continuously spawn on the battlefield.

In Invasion mode, bots are periodically airdropped into the map. The bots are not exactly difficult to kill, and they usually spawn in groups of five or six. Killing these AI-controlled enemies is a great way to level up any weapons, as they are basically guaranteed kills.

Tips for Leveling Up Weapons in Invasion Mode

A good strategy is to load up Invasion and stick to the outskirts of the map. Keep an eye out for incoming helicopters, which is where the bots drop from into the map. Bots generally move as a squad, so when you spot one, it’s fairly easy to take them all out and gain some nice XP for whatever weapon you’re using.

Additionally, using the right perks and equipment can also help. Decoy grenades, for instance, give you weapon XP whenever you throw them. Each time you toss a decoy grenade, you’ll get 15 weapon XP for the weapon you’re using. You can also use the perks for extra tactical and resupply to get more decoy grenades.

You can also run Suppression Mines to get a massive amount of experience. If you can get on top of an enemy tank and toss a Suppression Mine inside of it, you’ll get a ton of experience. We’re not sure if this is a glitch at the moment, but tossing a mine inside a tank will usually give you around 4,000 XP.

It’s also a good idea to run UAV, Counter UAV, and Advanced UAV killstreaks to get bonus experience. Using all of these tips, you should get an easy 6,000 to 10,000 XP every Invasion match.

That’s, in our opinion, the fastest way to level weapons in Modern Warfare 2. Time to hop into an Invasion match and start grinding!

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