Modern Warfare II: Where to Find the Tunnel Entrance in Recon by Fire

Here's where to find the tunnel entrance in the Recon by Fire mission in the Call of Duty Modern Warfare II Campaign.

In your hunt for the missiles in CoD’s MWII campaign, you’ll find a facility near the lighthouse for the Recon by Fire mission. You’ll encounter what looks like a place the group uses to smuggle goods. Inside the building is an entrance to a tunnel, and you’ll need to locate it. If you’re having trouble, here’s where to find the Tunnel Entrance for the Recon by Fire mission in Modern Warfare II.

Captain Price is there to help, but as usual, Gaz has to do most of the recon work. The tunnel can be difficult to find, so we’re here to help you with a quick guide.

Where to Find the Tunnel Entrance for the Recon by Fire Mission

The entrance to the tunnel is revealed by interacting with the washing machine in one of the large rooms. There will be a white circle highlighting part of the washing machine, and interacting with it signals Price to come help you move it.

Where to Find the Tunnel Entrance in Modern Warfare II Recon by Fire
Screenshot via Gameer Digest/Call of Duty: MWII

When you move the washing machine, you’ll uncover a secret passageway to another stash room and the entrance to the tunnel. Presumably, this is where the organization you’re after smuggles its goods. 

Get ready because when you uncover the room, Laswell will let you know that multiple boats are inbound. You probably already know that means things about to get heated again.

There you have it; things are pretty straightforward for a while after this. However, if you need more help, visit our Call of Duty section for more guides and walkthroughs.