Myth Makes the Switch to YouTube Gaming

Another gamer is switching to YouTube as Myth, one of the most well-known Fortnite streamers, will now be streaming on YouTube exclusively. This follows a trend of Twitch losing some of its biggest streaming stars to the Google-owned giant. 

Why Is Myth Switching to YouTube?

Two days ago, Myth teased the announcement on his Twitter

And today, he officially announced the switch on his Twitter account via an interesting video. 

We’re not exactly sure of the real reason why, but according to the Holywood Reporter

“I’ve kind of had this shift of being a professional gamer and being like this dedicated, sweaty gamer kid, to being someone that’s a bit more entertainment focused, that has a personality, that’s willing to show up to events and be a personality for people and for the stream and for the audience. All while still, of course, being able to perform in games as well,” Kabbani said. “I love games — it’s never going to change. But I think that shift and focus about it not just being strictly about winning games anymore has driven me to feel like like YouTube was the right place.”

This reasoning indicates that Myth wants to start transitioning into other forms of entertainment, like pre-recorded skits (yay, I guess?). His first-ever YouTube stream goes live on July 12, 2022.

Who is Myth? 

The Myth, the man, the legend–Myth first gained popularity around 2016, when Fortnite was relatively new. Part of team TSM, his channel on Twitch gained millions of followers. 

Though his popularity has wained over the years in the Fortnite scene, Myth has had regained some popularity streaming with other well-known variety streamers and Fortnite players. 

You can watch Myth’s live streams on his official YouTube channel

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