Neural Cloud Codes (May 2023)

Use these Neural Cloud codes to get free in-game coins, experience, boosters, and other limited-time items while supplies last.

Neural Cloud is a new sci-fi strategy RPG created by Darkwinter Software for mobile devices. It’s available on both Android and iOS and is a gacha-style game where players can summon a variety of Dolls and assemble them into a powerful team. Use your team to explore the world’s secrets and uncover the truth of Project Neural Cloud.

Use the Neural Cloud codes list below to get extra free in-game items, like Diggcoins, Skill Pivots, Combat Experience, Boosters, and more limited-time items. The codes expire after a short time, so be sure to use them while they are active. You can refer to the section below to find out how to redeem codes in Neural Cloud.

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All Neural Cloud Codes

  • NCMUSIC: 5 Deluxe Cake, 10 Advanced Algorithm Booster, 10000 Diggcoin
  • NC42LAB: 30000 Diggcoin, 4 Skill Pivot, 2 Combat EXP
  • NC1121: 5 Deluxe Cake, 1500 Skill Sample, 10 Combat EXP, 5 Advanced Algorithm Booster

Neural Cloud FAQ

How to redeem codes in Neural Cloud on Android

To redeem codes in Neural Cloud, complete the tutorial and tap the Settings button on the top right of the home screen. Tap on the Redemption Code section, enter a working code into the code redemption box and then press Confirm. Rewards are sent to your in-game mailbox.How do i redeem a code in Neural Cloud

How to redeem codes in Neural Cloud on iOS

There is no in-game code redemption box if you are playing on an iOS device. iPhone and iPad users can visit the Neural Cloud Code Redemption website, enter their UID, enter the redemption code, and redeem the reward. Like Android users, the rewards are sent to your in-game mailbox. Your UID is available in-game by going to the Settings menu and looking at the top-left of the screen underneath your name.

Where to get more codes

To get more codes for Neural Cloud, you can follow the game developers on social media. Currently, Neural Cloud has an active FacebookTwitterYouTubeInstagram, and Discord server. You can join the Discord to chat with other players, as well. Otherwise, we post all new codes in our code wiki here, so bookmark us to stay up-to-date.