Overwatch 2 Bastion Glitch Turns Bastion into an Artillery Spamming Machine

Bastion takes broken to the next level

The recent launch of Overwatch 2 was filled with its fair share of issues. Of course, there were login issues caused by DDOS attacks, which made it difficult for players to play the game. Then there were the issues of locking players out of their characters–causing even seasoned players to have a limited roster of heroes to choose from. Now, a Redditor named u/ILCaponchi posted a video showcasing a glitch that causes Bastion’s Ultimate to become much more powerful than intended.

The Glitch Allows Bastion to Fire Unlimited Rounds

Bastion is a hero in Overwatch 2 that has undergone many changes. The core concept of Bastion revolves around him being a robot that can transform into different forms to help him out in battle. His Ultimate Ability is called Configuration: Artillery, and allows him to turn into a tank that can fire 3 Artillery Rounds anywhere on the map.

With the use of the glitch, however, u/ILCaponchi showcases that Bastion is able to fire 2 of the rounds normally and then endlessly spam rounds (much more than 3) until the timer runs out of his Ultimate Ability.

While Bastion’s Ultimate is not the most powerful part of his kit by any means, players are surprisingly starting to discuss if his Ultimate needs a buff. Even with unlimited rounds, players can easily avoid his slow-falling artillery shells. Even if they hit a player, it takes at least 2 of the 3 rounds to eliminate anyone.

While Blizzard has not fixed this glitch yet, players can anticipate there to be a patch to correct the issue soon. Until then, players who play against Bastion may have to deal with his broken Ultimate.

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