Overwatch 2 Hidden Areas Unlocked by Player

Something may be bubbling under the surface of the Overwatch 2 hidden areas that were just discovered.

Recently, a player in the game Overwatch 2 named Squiggle accidentally unlocked some hidden areas of the game. These areas were not intended to be seen by players. Blizzard, the game’s developer, hasn’t released any information on what these areas might be. While it is likely that they are parts of the game meant for the upcoming PvE mode, nothing has been confirmed. However, the player who found these areas has released a video showing them off. Here is a look at the Overwatch 2 hidden areas that were accidentally unlocked by a player.

How the Player Unlocked the Hidden Areas in Overwatch 2

Unlocking the special hidden areas of the map was done through a simple process. Squiggle loaded up a game of Bounty Hunter from the custom games and set it to Friends Only. Then, they picked the map King’s Row and could walk freely through areas they should not have been able to access.

Though this works for King’s Row, Squiggle also said it worked for Havana. This has caused other players in the community to try this method out on other maps to see what discoveries they can find.

What Does the Hidden Area Look Like?

These hidden areas are located in various places on the new maps, and many of them appear fully rendered, with black barriers in place meant to obscure the players from seeing them normally. However, in the case of this video, players can simply walk right through the barriers.

Watch the video here: 

The discovery of these hidden areas has been a source of excitement and curiosity for the Overwatch community, and more will likely be found in the coming days.

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