Overwatch 2 Junkenstein’s Revenge Challenges and Rewards (2022)

Looking to complete all of the Overwatch 2 Junkenstein's Revenge Quest Rewards in 2022? Here's a full list of all of them, including the rewards.

If you’re anything like us, you’re a completionist who has to do every single mission in their favorite game’s seasonal events. The new Overwatch 2 Halloween Terror Junkenstein’s Revenge is back with all new PvE quests and event challenges for you to complete. Leave this page on an extra monitor or your phone to keep track of all the quests while you play the game. Without further ado, here are the Overwatch 2 Junkenstein’s Revenge challenges and rewards. 

To see the weekly Junkenstein’s Revenge quests, click Challenges on the main screen, then select Event

Overwatch 2 Junkenstein’s Revenge Challenges and Rewards (2022)

Here are Junkenstein’s Revenge Week 1 quests and rewards: 

Quest NameDescriptionReward
Wedding PlannerComplete 13 Junkenstein challenges.Jack-o-Lantern Weapon Charm
Wrath of the BrideWin Wrath of the Bride on any difficulty.Our Tale Begins Voice Line
Taking the PlungeWin Wrath of the Bride on Hard difficulty.Zomnic Graffiti Spray
Here comes the BrideWin Wrath of the Bride on Expert difficulty.1250 Battle Pass XP
Love conquers allWin Wrath of the Bride on Legendary difficulty.1251 Battle Pass XP
Fury of the HeroesWin Wrath of the Bride with a score of 10,000 or higher.Hasta La Muerte Spray
Four Brave HeroesWin Wrath of the Bride as 4 different heroes.Nightfall Over Adlersbruni Name Card
Re-TiredDestroy 15 Shock-Tires in Wrath of the BrideZomnics Under the Moon Voice Line
Council of the BrideEliminate 35 bosses in Wrath of the BrideBodies to bag Voice Line
The Automation, TransformedEliminate the Experiment while it is in tank form on Hard difficulty or above in Wrath of the Bride.1000 Battle Pass XP
No SparkWin Wrath of the Bride without letting the Lord of the Castle take any damage1000 Battle Pass XP
Knock, Knock…Disturb the guest in the Tavern in Wrath of the Bride.Scry Some More Voice Line
Ominous PortentWitness all 7 Banshee moments in a single run of Wrath of the BrideTarot Reading Voice Line
PhotozombStrike a pose with the bridge during her introduction in Wrath of the Bride.Never Cross the Bride Voice Line
Witch’s BrewUncover the fate of a terror past in a hidden corner of Adlersbrunn in Wrath of the Bride.It’s Always the Window Voice Line
Lantern LitCrouch at the lantern for 6 seconds while the Ghost is active in Wrath of the Bride.1000 Battle Pass XP
The Wanderers of OldWin Junkenstein’s Revenge on any difficulty.1000 Battle Pass XP
The Endless Night BeganComplete Wave 12 in Junkenstein Endless.500 Battle Pass XP
Unfinished BusinessWin Junkenstein Challenge Mission: Vengeful Ghost.500 Battle Pass XP
Spooky, SpeedyWin Junkenstein Challenge Mission: Frezied Stampede.500 Battle Pass XP
Terrifying TrioWin Junkenstein Challenge Mission: Three They Were.500 Battle Pass XP
Get Ready for a Shock!Win Junkenstein Challange Mission: Shocking Surprise.500 Battle Pass XP
Volatile and VileWin Junkenstein Challange Mission: Volitile Zomnics.500 Battle Pass XP
Costume PartyWin Junkenstein Challange Mission: Mystery Swap.500 Battle Pass XP

We will update this post as the Junkenstein’s Revenge event gets updated. 

Junkenstein’s Revenge Week 2 Quests and Rewards

We will update this section when the information becomes available. 

And there you have it! Those are all the known Overwatch 2 Junkenstein’s Revenge challenges and rewards (2022). 

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