PC Shutting Down While Playing Overwatch 2 – How to Fix

Does your PC keep shutting down while playing Overwatch 2? You're not alone. read on for more info.

Recently, Blizzard Customer Support Tweeted about a new issue with Overwatch 2. Unlike other problems with Overwatch 2 during launch, like DDoS attacks and random errors, this problem is much more serious. If you’re experiencing your PC shutting down while playing Overwatch 2, we’ve got a potential solution that may help you. 

How to Fix PC Shutting Down While Playing Overwatch 2

To fix your PC from shutting down while playing Overwatch 2, close out other programs while playing Overwatch 2, update your video drivers, and make sure that your video card is not overclocked. Your PC shutting down is likely a result of overheating, which might not actually be your PCs fault, but Overwatch 2 itself. While these problems aren’t confirmed to solve the issue, keep reading for more detailed instructions. 

Blizzard is aware of the issue, and its engineers are busy at work trying to resolve the problem. We will keep you updated as soon as we hear about a Hotfix that will prevent PCs from shutting down while playing Overwatch 2. 

Method 1: Shutting Down Memory Intensive Programs

To shut down other programs while playing Overwatch 2: 

  2. Click Memory to sort programs by the highest memory. 
  3. Click any unneeded program and click End Task

Google Chrome is notorious for eating a lot of memory, so make sure you have it closed while playing Overwatch 2.

Method 2: Updating Video Card Drivers

To update your video card drivers so that Overwatch 2 doesn’t restart or crash your computer: 

  1. Type “Device Manager” in the search in your taskbar. 
  2. Expand Display Adapters
  3. Right-click the video card on your computer. 
  4. Click Update driver
  5. Search automatically for drivers and install the latest version. 

Alternatively, if you don’t want to do this–you can also visit your video card manufacturer’s website and use their downloading software to keep your drivers up-to-date. 

For instance, Nvidia owners can use Nvidia GeForce Experience to update their drivers easily. 

Method 3: Stop Overclocking

If your computer is overclocked, it may be the cause for your computer to shut down while playing Overwatch 2. Make sure you’ve disabled any overclocking software you may have enabled to run your games faster in the past. 

If none of these solutions work for you–then you’ll need to wait until Blizzard officially releases a fix for this issue. Many other players are experiencing the same problems, so it likely has to do with Overwatch 2 itself. If the issue persists, try submitting a ticket on the Overwatch 2 Support Page.

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