Diamond Cat Value in Pet Simulator X

We have the Diamond Cat value in Pet Simulator X (PSX) for the Normal, Golden, and Rainbow pet variants.

The Pet Simulator X Trading Update brings a bunch of new pets to the game for players to collect. Of course, one way to obtain pets is by trading for them, but you don’t want to pay too much. We have a list of all the Diamond Cat Values in Pet Simulator X, so you know how many Diamonds you can expect to pay to add this pet to your collection.

Diamond Cat Value in Pet Simulator X (PSX)

Here are the values of the Diamond Cat:

  • Diamond Cat (Normal) Value: 300,000,000,000
  • Diamond Cat (Golden) Value: Coming Soon
  • Diamond Cat (Rainbow) Value: Coming Soon

Pet values in Pet Simulator X can fluctuate often, and we will try to provide the most accurate value at any given time. But please note that the price may not always be 100% accurate and can depend on many factors. 

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How to Get the Diamond Cat in Pet Simulator X

Players can get the Diamond Cat from the limited-time Diamond Pack. You can find this limited-time Pack inside the in-game shop, which is accessible by entering tapping on the Cart button at the bottom of the screen.

The 50,000,000,000 Diamond Pack costs 4,500 Robux to purchase and obtain.

In Pet Simulator X, pets can come in a variety of rarities, including Normal, Golden, and Shiny. You can craft upgrade these pets into the Rainbow and Dark Matter variants by combining them with duplicates at the in-game machines.