Where to Find the Huge-A-Tron in Pet Simulator X

Here's where to find the new Huge-A-Tron Machine in Pet Simulator X, so you can trade in your Exclusive Pets!
Where to Find the Huge-A-Tron in Pet Simulator X

The new Pet Simulator X Huge-A-Tron update adds an exciting new machine to the game. It allows players to transform premium exclusive pets into a Huge Machine Egg for some super huge pet collecting! If you’re just hopping into the game now after the new update, and you don’t know where to find the Huge-A-Tron, we’ll show you where it is.

Where to Find the Huge-A-Tron in Pet Simulator X

The Huge-A-Tron is located in the Spawn World next to the bank. You can also find it in the Trading Plaza, as well. The area costs 10 million Diamonds to unlock, and the Huge-A-Tron Machine itself costs both Premium pets and Robux to use.

The pricing for the Huge-A-Tron Machine depends on how many exclusive pets you put into it. Each exclusive pet is worth a number of points, and the breakdown is as follows:

  • Companion I: 1 Point
  • Comapnion II: 2 Points
  • Companion III: 3 Points
  • Other Exclusives: 3-5 Points
  • Gold: 1 Bonus Point
  • Rainbow: 2 Bonus Points
  • Shjiny: 3 Bonus Points

Then, you’ll need to tally up all your points to determine the cost of the machine. The pricing is as follows:

  • 50 Points: 800 Robux
  • 75 Points: 300 Robux
  • 100 Points: Free

There you have it, that’s where to find the Huge-A-Tron Machine in Pet Simulator X and how the machine works. You’ll obviously need a lot of premium exclusive pets to actually convert them into a Huge Machine Egg 1. But if you have some lying around that you’re not using, this is a great way to get some new and useful Huge pets!

We’ll keep you posted on the next update for Pet Simulator X. Good luck collecting some new pets!

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