Pharaoh A New Era: All Cheat Codes

We get it; Pharaoh: A New Era is a challenge, and some quests require extra help. Here are all the cheat codes in the game so you can get past that hard-to-beat level.

If you’re having trouble with the game and want to have some fun, Pharaoh: A New Era has a cheat system players can use to get a leg up for their settlement. From filling your Storage Yards to powerful Inundations, see below for all the cheat codes in Pharaoh: A New Era. 

All Cheat Codes in Pharaoh A New Era

Cheat CodeEffectDiety Worship Required
Big DaveDestroys some industrial buildingsPtah
Bird of PreyDecreases the city’s trade with partners for a yearRa
BountyImproves the next inundationOsiris
Cat FightLevels some of the city’s best housesBast
Cat NipFills houses and bazaars with goods and foodBast
Fury of SethDestroys all ships (including your own)None
GrenowDestroys one of the city’s Storage YardsPtah
Hippo StompSends angry hippos through your cityNone
Kitty LitterStrikes the city with a plagueBast
Life from DeathDoubles harvest for all farms on the flood plain after the next floodOsiris
MeowThrows a festival for all the godsBast
MesektetLowers your Kingdom RatingRa
Mummys CurseWorsens the next inundationOsiris
Noble DjedFully stocks shipwrights, weavers, or jewelers with raw materialsPtah
Pharaohs GloryIncreases the city’s export capacity by 50% for a yearRa
Pharaohs TombAutomatically wins the scenarioNone
Seth StrikesDestroys the city’s best company and their fortSeth
Side ShowMakes hippos appear (hippos must already be present on the map)None
Spirit of TyphonStrikes down some of the next invadersSeth
Sun DiskRaises your Kingdom RatingRa
Supreme CraftsmanFills a storage yard with excess capacity with gems, clay, pottery, flax, linen, or jewelryPtah
Treasure ChestAdds 1000 debens to the city’s treasuryNone
Typhonian ReliefProtects soldiers sent to distant landsSeth
UnderworldDestroys farms on the flood plain by the next floodOsiris

How to Enter Cheat Codes in Pharaoh A New Era

To enter cheat codes, players must enable cheats first by navigating to Options and toggling Cheatcodes to Yes. Then go back to your game and press Ctrl+Alt+C to bring up the cheat window. Type in one of the cheats above and hit enter to enable it. 

Codes are a great way to get past any missions that might be bugged out and not working. Use the code “Pharaohs Tomb” to automatically get past a level if it’s bugged.

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