Pharaoh A New Era: How to Fish

If you’re trying to sustain your populace with a steady stream of fish in Pharaoh: A New Era, you’ll need to set up your fishing infrastructure. Here’s how to do it. 

You may already know how to grow crops in Pharaoh: A New Era, but fishing is an entirely different story. In the game, you’ll need to pull from the amazing resources of the Nile River, but making sure that you have the right equipment requires the right approach. Here’s how to fish in Pharaoh: A New Era

How to Fish in Pharaoh: A New Era

Fishing can provide your settlement with a steady food source. Before placing any buildings, look in the Nile for fish jumping out of the water, which indicates a fish source. To fish, players must build a Fishing Wharf on a patch of grass with a straight edge adjacent to the water, next to a fish source. A connecting Shipwright must also be constructed to produce the boats required to catch the fish. 

Shipwright and Fishing Wharf in Pharaoh A New Era

To build a Fishing Wharf, select the Food & Farming tab on the right, then select the Fishing Wharf. These buildings can only be built on grass, not mud, and the edge must be straight and large enough to accommodate the wharf. If there is no FIshing Wharf option available, it could be because it is locked on the mission you’re currently on, which usually occurs when there are no fish on the map. 

Fishing Wharf Pharaoh A New Era

To build a Shipwright, select Production on the right toolbar, then click Shipwright. Shipwrights require enough space and a flat grassy area adjacent to water, just like the Fishing Wharf. 

Shipwright Pharaoh A New Era

Once all of the parts are in place, your settlers will automatically go out in boats to fish. Unlike military sea vessels, fishing boats don’t require any wood.

Constructing one Fishing Wharf per fishing source is sufficient, and you’ll only need a single Shipwright for all your Wharves. Unlike farming, fishing doesn’t depend on how plentiful the flood was that year, so it’s a reliable food source. Once you’re producing enough fish, you can store them in a Granary/Storage Yard or trade them with nearby cities for some extra debens. 

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