Pharaoh A New Era: How to Increase Kingdom Rating

In Pharaoh: A New Era, to complete missions, players must maintain a certain Kingdom rating to advance, but learning how to increase the rating is easier said than done. 

Kingdom rating is a metric out of 100 and is based on how the rest of Egypt views you. Players start with a Kingdom rating of 50, which indicates neutrality, and the score goes up or down depending on the events and actions they take. Kingdom rating shifts based on various factors, including fulfilling aid and military requests from neighboring Egyptian cities, the outcome of battles, and providing gifts to the people of Egypt. 

To view your Kingdom rating, click the Overseer tab, then select the Ratings Overseer. Since players must maintain a certain Kingdom rating to beat missions, they must understand what can raise or lower it if they hope to advance through the game. 

How to Increase Kingdom Rating

Requests will occasionally appear as a popup and will task you with sending supplies to a neighboring city. Failure to do these tasks on time will significantly reduce your overall Kingdom rating over time, so it’s important to have a varied economy so that you can fulfill whatever requests come your way. 

Players can raise their Kingdom rating by performing the following in-game actions: 

  • Fulfilling supply or military requests on time. 
  • Winning in battles. 
  • Buying gifts for Egypt. 
  • Taking a low or no salary. 

Taking no salary or a paltry salary will slowly raise your Kingdom rating.

Pharaoh a New Era Ratings Overseer

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What Lowers Kingdom Rating?

The following acts will reduce your overall Kingdom rating: 

  • Being in debt. 
  • Ignoring battles.
  • Failing to fulfill allied requests. 
  • Taking a salary above your rank. 
  • Sending gifts too frequently and then stopping. 

If players send gifts more than one time per year, the people will start to become accustomed to gift-giving, and you’ll need to maintain that level of charity throughout the mission. If you stop sending gifts after being very charitable, your Kingdom rating will slowly fall over time. 

Now that you have a better understanding of Kingdom Rating, you’ll be able to get through the campaign mode a lot easier. The key to maintaining a good Kingdom rating is ensuring your production is set up properly at the beginning of the game so you can fulfill any allied requests that come through. Trying to rebound from a tanked Kingdom rating is rather difficult, so try to avoid letting it get too low. 

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