Pharaoh A New Era: How to Increase Prosperity Rating

Because everyone deserves to be prosperous, right?

Prosperity rating in Pharaoh: A New Era measures your settlement’s financial success. Here’s what you need to know about it, including how to raise it. 

In Pharaoh: A New Era, players need to balance key ratings to complete missions and continue through the game’s campaign. One of these ratings is called Prosperity and is controlled by a player’s economy and financial security, which dictates how many debens (the in-game currency) players gain each year. Here’s everything you need to know about how to increase your prosperity rating in Pharaoh: A New Era.

How to Increase Prosperity Rating in Pharaoh A New Era

Prosperity, like the other ratings in the game, is a rating out of 100 controlled by various factors, including your settlements’ economy, quality of housing, and employment level. 

To raise the Prosperity Rating of your society, perform the following actions: 

  • Export more than you import
  • Upgrade your housing
  • Maintain as close to full employment as possible
  • Build high-value buildings like a Temple Complex
  • Build a Monument

What Lowers Prosperity Rating?

The following factors and actions can decrease Prosperity Rating: 

  • Being in debt
  • Losing money at the end of the year
  • Having high unemployment
  • Not having enough workers to fill all jobs
  • Imports outweigh exports
  • Having too much low-level housing

If you are having trouble managing your employment levels, look at the Chief Overseer tab next to “Employment,” to see whether your settlement needs workers or has too many of them. If you lack workers, you can try decreasing the Tax Rate or increasing your wages to attract more people to your settlement. 

Chief Overseer Employment Screen Pharaoh A New Era

Managing Imports and Exports

If you’re unsure whether you’re importing more goods than you’re exporting, click the Overseer of the Treasury tab on the left side of the screen. Then, look at the Export earn and Import cost line items to determine whether your import costs outweigh your exports. Not only does this diminish Prosperity Rating over time, but it can also quickly put your settlement into debt. 

Imports and Exports Screen Pharaoh A New Era

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To reduce the amount you’re importing, navigate to the Overseer of Commerce and switch the Imports that cost you a lot to Importing to Maintain and set a conservative figure — that way, you don’t bankrupt yourself overbuying goods that you don’t need. Setting this option to “Import as Needed” may cause you to import too much raw material if you have a great production chain. If adjusting the import rates doesn’t work, you’ll need to ramp up production to have more exportable goods.  

Ultimately, Prosperity Rating is an indicator of how well-balanced your economy is. You have nothing to worry about if you have good production and trade and maintain steady revenue. If you find yourself in debt a lot — or don’t generate a lot of wealth each year, you may want to think about opening more trade routes or ensuring that your city is being taxed efficiently. 

Lastly, just like all ratings, ensure your settlers’ needs are met. Fulfilling all your people’s needs is a surefire way to have a high rating in all areas, including Prosperity. 

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