Pickaxe Mining Simulator Codes (May 2023)

Use these Pickaxe Mining Simulator codes to get free Crystals, in-game Boosts, and more!

Roblox Pickaxe Mining Simulator is a game by Pickaxe Boy Games where players mine ores to earn crystals and upgrade their mining equipment to delve deeper. Unlock new worlds and zones, enchant your items, and collect the best pickaxes in the virtual world. 

Use these Pickaxe Mining Simulator codes to turbocharge your progression so that you can unlock better pickaxes and adventure through tougher worlds. Codes are a good way to get in-game boosts and other freebies that would otherwise cost you precious Robux from the Shop. Codes also expire quickly, so make sure to use them while they last!

May 28 2023: We checked for new Pickaxe Mining Simulator codes.

All Pickaxe Mining Simulator Codes

  • twitter: 5-minute Secret Luck Boost
  • goodbye: 30-minute Double Damage Boost
  • woah5kmembers: 30-minute Double Damage Boost
  • super25likes: 30-minute Double Damage Boost
  • update10: 30-minute Double Damage Boost
  • update8: 30-minute Double Damage Boost
  • insane20klikes: 30-minute Double Gem Boost
  • update7: 30-minute Double Damage Boost
  • update6: 30-minute Double Damage Boost
  • visits8m: 30-minute Double Damage Boost
  • update5: 30-minute Double Gem Boost
  • mega15klikes: 30-minute Double Damage Boost
  • visits5m: 30-minute Double Damage Boost
  • insane10klikes: 30-minute Double Damage Boost
  • update4: 30-minute Double Damage Boost
  • secret: 5-minute Secret Luck Boost
  • update3: 30-minute Double Crystal Boost
  • yay7500likes: 5-minute Double Crystal Boost
  • woo5000likes: 5-minute Double Luck Boost
  • thx2500likes: 5-minute Double Damage Boost
  • visits2m: 30-minute Double Crystal Boost
  • update2: 15-minute Double Crystal Boost
  • update1: 10-minute Double Luck Boost
  • wow500likes: 5-minute Double Gems Boost
  • release: 1000 Crystals

How to use codes

To redeem codes for Pickaxe Mining Simulator, follow these steps:

  1. Launch Pickaxe Mining Simulator on Roblox
  2. Tap the Shop button on the left side of the screen
  3. Tap the Twitter button below the Shop menu
  4. Enter a working code into the box
  5. Tap Submit to claim the rewards

Make sure to enter the codes exactly as shown above. We recommend copying and pasting them to avoid making any typos. If you enter a code that says invalid, it could be expired, so let us know in the comments below!

Where to get more codes

To get more codes for Roblox Pickaxe Mining Simulator, follow the game page on Roblox, follow the developers on Twitter, and join the official Pickaxe Boy Games community Discord server. Otherwise, we post all the new codes on this page, so you can bookmark us and check back whenever you want for updates.

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