Players Can Become a Literal God in Townsmen VR for PSVR2

Look down at your hapless subjects in this strangely intriguing title.
Townsmen VR Screenshot
Image: Handy Games

If you’ve always wanted to be a god, the unique game Townsmen VR for PlayStation VR2 might be one to check out. 

If you looked at the cover art for Townsmen VR, you’d probably just dismiss it as another weird mobile game trying to trick a few people into downloading it. That assumption couldn’t be further from the truth — as the game currently sits with a Very Positive rating on Steam since its release on March 24, 2022. 

Along with a few other games that the PlayStation is showcasing for the launch of PSVR2, many virtual-reality games are getting a major facelift to utilize the new technology that the headset has to offer. Unlike its competitors, the VR2 has new features, making it superior from a technical perspective.

One of the virtual-reality titles that is getting a facelift is Townsmen VR, developed and published by HandyGames. In the game, players assume the role of a god looking down on their city’s inhabitants. The game is a VR take on the classic city builder, where players construct towns and cities, manage resources, and create production chains to support their thriving populace. 

With both a story and sandbox mode, players can craft their island from an all-new unique perspective using VR. Whether you want to rule as a pragmatic dictator or likable diplomat is really up to you.

The game itself is really giving me Black & White vibes — a true classic of a game. Really — I think I probably haven’t heard about it yet due to its silly cover art. While it accurately reflects the game’s aesthetic, I think it probably puts some people off due to its straight-off-the-shelf look, doing a bit of a disservice to how deep the game actually looks. 

Townsmen VR Cover Art
Image: Handy Games

Ultimately though, Townsmen VR actually looks super fun and is one title we’re looking forward to trying. What is your take on Townsmen VR? Let us know in the comments section below. 

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