Where to Get Destiny Knot in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

The Destiny Knot is an important item used in breeding.

Any Pokemon fan who has been playing long enough will know that careful breeding is the key to ensuring you get strong Pokemon. Though the breeding process has changed a bit in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, the core remains the same.

One of the best components of breeding Pokemon is having the parents pass their strong genes to their babies through IVs, otherwise known as Individual Values. These IVs dictate how Pokemon can progress in their stats while leveling, and those with higher IVs will be stronger than those with lower IVs. For this reason, players looking to enter the competitive scene will want to score the best Pokemon for the job. 

The Destiny Knot is an item that can be held by a Pokemon when breeding that can help it to pass down its IVs to its offspring–making the ability to get stronger Pokemon a bit easier. But how do you get a Destiny Knot in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet?

Getting the Destiny Knot in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

If you want to grab the Destiny Knot and start breeding Pokemon as soon as possible, unfortunately, you will need to wait until you have acquired 4 Gym Badges. Once you’ve done this, head over to the town of Mesagoza (the first town with the Naranja Academy). Buy the Destiny Knot from Delibird Presents in the southern area of the town.

Once there, head into the shop, and the Destiny Knot will be waiting for the price of 20,000 Pokedollars or 20,000 LP. Snag it up, place it on the Pokemon you want to pass down their IVs, and get to breeding.

How to Breed Pokemon in Scarlet and Violet

Breeding in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is slightly different than in previous generations, where you could drop your Pokemon off at the daycare and let them get to business. Instead, you can breed Pokemon in the same egg group while hosting a picnic. 

When two Pokemon of the same egg group (or a Ditto) are in the picnic after a short time has passed, players can check the basket on the tablet, and there will be a chance for an egg to be there. Grab the egg, and get ready to hatch a baby Pokemon!

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