PSVR2 Charts Topped by 2017 FPS Game

Pavlov, a first-person tactical military shooter, tops the new PlayStation VR2 sales charts in March 2023. 

PlayStation just released its downloads for March, and to no one’s surprise, the Resident Evil 4 remake topped the charts in North America and the EU. However, what might be a bit more surprising is that a little-known game released back in 2017 is dominating the charts for the new PlayStation VR2 headset. 

Pavlov is a multiplayer military tactical shooter with realistic weapon handling and a host of weapons and items. Set in both modern times and WWII, Pavlov features different game modes, including team deathmatch, gun game, and a murder mystery mode called TTT. Developed by Vankrupt Games and previously on the Oculus Quest and listed on Steam, Pavlov is pretty well-known in the VR community. 

Pavlov Screenshot
Image: Vankrupt Games

However, the game is now seeing a resurgence in popularity on the PSVR2 after seeing a waining in popularity on other platforms. According to the numbers, the game outsold all other VR2 titles, including The Dark Pictures: Switchback in North America and Kayak VR: Mirage in the EU. 

This trend may point to a growing desire for quality virtual-reality first-person shooters. After all, out of all the genres of game, perhaps the most suited for the new technology is an FPS. It will be interesting to see if other developers of large FPS games start to take notice and follow suit with titles of their own. 

Upcoming PSVR2 titles like Firewall Ultra do boast FPS combat, but that game plans on being exclusively a PvE experience, leaving the door wide open for other popular franchises fueled by AAA developers and publishers to strike first in the VR space. 

Pavlov is currently listed on the PlayStation Store for a retail price of $24.99.