Ragdoll Clicker Codes: Pets & Boosts (February 2023)

Use these Ragdoll Clicker codes for free pets, skins, trails, and limited-time boosts!
Roblox Ragdoll Clicker

Ragdoll Clicker is a Roblox game created by Sand Shark Games. Players click as fast a humanly possible to gain speed and then fling themselves as far as they can to gain coins. Buy skins, pets, and trails to boost yourself even further, and climb the leaderboards to become the best on the server.

Use the Ragdoll Clicker codes below to get some free boosts, skins, trails, and pets to get a headstart. Codes are a great way to get your stack of coins a little bigger so you can afford more expensive pets and other items to make you go further. Codes expire quickly, so bookmark this page and check back soon for updates.

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January 30 2023: We checked for new Ragdoll Clicker codes.

All Ragdoll Clicker Codes

  • INFINITY30K: 20-minute Lucky Boost, Nature Skin, Nature Trail
  • DOGGO25K: 20-minute Lucky Boost, Nature Skin, Nature Trail
  • LUCKY20K: 20-minute Lucky Boost, Nature Skin, Nature Trail
  • POPCAT5K: 10-minute Click Boost, Popcat Skin, Popcat Trail
  • THANKS1K: 10-minute Gold Boost, Rich Boss Skin, Super Rich Trail
  • BUZZ: Bee Pet
  • HONEY: Bee Pet

How to use codes

To use codes in Ragdoll Clicker, follow these steps:

  • Launch Ragdoll Clicker in Roblox
  • Tap on the treasure chest icon on the right
  • Tap on the Redeem codes button from the Rewards menu
  • Enter a working code into the box and hit Enter
  • Tap on Claim to claim the rewards associated with the code

How to get more codes

Players can get more codes by going to the game’s Roblox page and reading through the description. When the game updates, the developers will often release a code to show their thanks to the dedicated players. Aside from that, we scour the internet for codes and add them to our list, so you can always check back at any time for more.

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