Ravenbound: How Cards Work

The Card system in Ravenbound is critical to your playthrough, but understanding it is not as easy as it sounds. Here’s what you need to know. 

Almost everything revolves around cards in the new roguelite action game, Ravenbound. Cards dictate what passive buffs you have, what armor you equip, and how powerful your weapon is. If the system has got you baffled, you’re not alone. This guide covers everything you need to know about how cards work in the game. 

How Cards Work in Ravenbound

In Ravenbound, users get cards as they play, which are used to fill their weapon, armor, and Relic slots. Cards are obtained by Empowering Fragments or by opening chests in the game world. 

Equipment and Relic Slots Ravenbound

Players can hold up to 7 cards in their deck before having to use them or drain them. Draining a card destroys the card and gives the player 50 Gold. 

Each card will have a mana cost, along with an ability and description of what it will do. Players can only have one armor and one weapon slot, and playing a new weapon or armor card will replace your old armor permanently for that Vessel. 

How Empowering Fragments Works

Players gain Fragments for defeating enemies in the game world. Once the player gains 3 Fragments, they can press and hold up on the D-pad. This will provide 3 card options they can choose from. Looting chests and other containers glowing red with Rage will ensure that one of the cards in your next roll with be a negative buff or an empowering buff to your enemies. Killing enemy mobs slowly fills your Rage meter as well — so if there is a Lock icon on one of the slots, it signifies a permanent negative buff card for that level, until you clear the boss.

Empowering Fragments Ravenbound
Example of 2 negative buff cards

Once your Vessle dies, you restart the game, and your card deck gets wiped until you re-roll a new character. However, cards that you’ve discovered once will always now be available in the potential card pool when you Empower Fragments or loot chests. You can see what Cards you’ve obtained by going to the Cards tab on the main menu screen. 

Ultimately, the Card system in Ravenbound is a bit much to get your head around, but once you understand it, things become a lot more clear. As a core mechanic of the game, if you play enough, you’ll eventually come to recognize the card images, and you’ll instinctually know what cards to pick for certain situations. 

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