Ravenbound: How to Heal

Totally confused as to where to get Health Potions in Ravenbound? Don’t worry; we were too. Here’s how to heal in the game. 

Unlike other games with soulslike elements, in Ravenbound, the healing mechanic is a bit different. Rather than having a constant health pot you can rely on, in Ravenbound heals are a bit more RNG. Here’s how to heal in Ravenbound. 

How to Heal in Ravenbound

To heal in the game, visit a Town and interact with a health vendor by hitting the triangle or Y button and selecting the option Purchase Healing. Doing this will heal a portion of your health for 50 gold. Players can also heal by obtaining the Rest for the Weary card, which can be used by hitting the Select button, then playing the card. 

Healing Vendor Icon
Healing vendors will have a potion icon above their heads.

Players can obtain Rest for the Weary cards randomly when Empowering Fragments by holding up on the D-pad once they obtain 3 fragments or within chests throughout the game world. Rest for the Weary costs 2 mana to use, so you’ll need to have some reserve if you hope to use it in battle. 

Gaining Lifesteal After Being Hit

Ravenbound also has a lifesteal mechanic called Gray Health that occurs right after being hit. Once you are hit, a Gray bar slowly ticks down over time. Players can regenerate health by hitting enemies while avoiding being hit. Unlike other games with soulslike elements, this makes spamming fast attacks effective. 

Ravenbound is somewhat punishing, and the RNG healing mechanic makes it even harder to get through all the bosses. Luckily, now you know how to heal and can hopefully get through the first few challenges. 

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