Ravenbound: How to Unlock More Relic Slots

If you’ve run out of slots and have extra cards to use in Ravenbound, this guide will show you how to unlock more Relic slots. 

In Ravenbound, your gear and equipment are all gained through random cards that you obtain as you play. Some cards are passive bonuses called Relics and can be placed in your Relic Slots. Here’s how to add more. 

How to Unlock More Relic Slots Ravenbound

To unlock more Relic slots in Ravenbound, players must obtain the Power Granted card through drops or by Empowering Fragments. To use the card, hit Select, then scroll to the card and hit X on your controller. 

Relics slots can also be unlocked for 50 gold by visiting Relic Vendors, which can be found along roads outside of town. 

In total, there are a total of 10 Relic slots you can unlock. Players start with 3, then unlock more as they advance through the game. Hitting R2 enables you to swap Relic powers, but removing a Relic will destroy it permanently, and you’ll need to re-discover the card if you want the ability again. 

Ultimately, learning how to unlock more Relic slots is an important aspect of leveling up your Vessels. As you defeat the different bosses in the game, you’ll need more powerful Relics to survive. 

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