Cargo Dossier Location: Ready or Not

Finding a folder in a port can be hard.

If you’ve been searching for the Cargo Dossier on the Ready or Not map, Port Hokan, and have no idea where to find it — we have your solution. 

Finding a folder on a giant map like Port Hokan can be a real challenge in the SWAT co-op game, Ready or Not. Luckily, finding that annoying Cargo Dossier is a breeze once you know where to look. Keep reading for the exact location. 

Cargo Dossier Location

The Cargo Dossier is found on a desk on the second floor of the warehouse when you first spawn into the Port Hokan map. To get to the second floor, go through the first gray metal door, make your way up the metal staircase, then the office will be found at the very end of the scaffolding, next to a broken window. 

Once you spot the folder, walk up to it and interact to collect the evidence. This evidence is found early on in the map — so there’s a high likelihood you’ll need to clear out remaining hostiles and secure civilians successfully before you can exit the map. 

Because the evidence is in one of the first areas you can look at in the game, this is one of the easier fetch quests.

How long did you look for the dossier before coming to this guide? Let us know in the comments section below. 

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