Robobeat is a New Rhythm Shooter You Can Try on Steam

The demo for Robobeat is now available on the Steam Store.

Robobeat, an upcoming roguelite rhythm shooter, just released a new video at the London Games Festival 2023, showcasing some gameplay. 

If you’re seeking something just a little bit different, then the upcoming game in development, Robobeat, might be worth checking out. Showcased at the London Games Festival 2023 and accompanied by a demo release on Steam, Robobeat is an upcoming first-person roguelite shooter where players are encouraged to jump, shoot, and play to the beat. 

According to the game’s developers, users are a robot up against an evil robot showman named Frazza. There will be disco-esque stages where each level experience changes each time you play through it with procedurally generated elements. Using a variety of weapons and buffs via items called Blueprints, players are rated from Tone Deaf to Masterful on each stage. 

The game boasts a ton of mobility mechanics, including wall jumping, launch pads, and grappling hooks, making for a frantic, high-intensity experience. Watch some gameplay in the London Games Festival 2023 Official Selection video below: 

If you’d like to try the game yourself, visit the Steam page and download the demo to experience what the base gameplay loop feels like. We tried it out ourselves and found it pretty addicting. 

The game is tougher than it looks, as you’ll take damage and die quickly if you aren’t dodging or parrying incoming attacks. 

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