Rust Lumberjack Pack Update Details (October 6, 2022)

Have you always wanted to feel like a real lumberjack? Here are the details on the Rust Lumberjack Pack update.

If you’re the type who spent innumerable hours farming wood in Rust, the new Rust Lumberjack Pack was made for you. While eager Halloween lovers have probably been waiting for an update about a Rust Halloween event, the developers at Facepunch Studios decided to drop something else. Here’s everything you need to know about the recent update, including the Rust Lumberjack Pack details. 

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Rust Lumberjack Pack

If you like rocking the all-in-one Hazmat suit but don’t like looking like a scientist, the Rust Lumberjack Pack is perfect for you. The Rust Lumberjack Pack re-skins the Hazmat suit when you craft one, making you look like a welder/lumberjack.

Watch the trailer for the Rust Lumberjack Pack here: 

To purchase the Rust Lumberjack Pack, visit the Steam Store. It’s currently $12.99 at the time of writing. 

What’s in the Rust Lumberjack Pack?

The Rust Lumberjack Pack includes the following skins: 

  • Lumberjack Suit (replaces Hazmat Suit)
  • Concrete Pickaxe (replaces Stone Pickaxe)
  • Concrete Hatchet (replaces Stone Hatchet)
  • Prototype Hatchet (replaces Metal Hatchet)
  • Prototype Pickaxe (replaces Metal Pickaxe)
Rust Lumberjack Pack Update
Image via Facepunch Studios

Rust Update Details (October 6, 2022) 

In addition to the new skin pack, Rust also made a few updates and quality-of-life enhancements to the game.

See below for a full list of Rust updates for October 6, 2022:

Furnace UI Improvements

This month Rust made a few updates to their Furnace UI. See them below: 

  • All slots now cook at the same time
  • Added progress bar when smelting items 
  • New burning icon for items

Server Listing UI Update

Facepunch Developers made the server listing UI more navigatable as well. See the updates: 

  • Added regions server tags
  • Update tag search behavior to find servers with all of the selected tags instead of any of them
  • Add a button to clear filters to the server browser
  • Reimplemented dropdown menus in the Options menu

QoL Updates

Several QoL updates were made to Rust in the Rust Lumberjack Pack Update, including: 

  • Train Offloading LGF: Train fuel wagons now contain more low grade fuel
  • Debris Building Blocker: Debris building blocker now immune to explosive damage
  • Not focused FPS Limit: Added an option to cap framerate to 15FPS when not focused
  • Radio Ga Ga: Radio stations can now be updated without releasing client/server updates
  • Train Bell: Hitting the bell on the train now goes “ding ding”
  • Updates to Campfire: Enhancements to the campfire’s look
  • Container Size: Increased car storage module size from 18 to 48. Camper storage 12 to 18 and Saddle bags 6 to 12

Hardcore Changes

Lastly, the developers made changes to the Workbench Techtree tax. Unlocking items directly from Techtree will cost additional scrap. Here are the breakdowns: 

  • Tier 1 – 20%
  • Tier 2 – 40%
  • Tier 3 – 60%

While we aren’t exactly happy that we don’t have a Halloween event update yet, we see nothing wrong with the updates and like the additional storage space. 

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