Sailing Era: A Fair Trade Quest Guide

If you're having trouble with the A Fair Trade quest, this guide will fill you in on everything you need to know.

We’re still enjoying Sailing Era. That said, we’ve run aground trying to finish one of Abdullah’s story quests, and it looks like we aren’t alone. For players stuck on finding the auction for the Sea of Light gemstone for the A Fair Trade quest, read on for a step-by-step guide.

A Fair Trade Quest Guide & Walkthrough

The quest begins with Abdullah getting a lead on the pirates from his intro quest. You’re specifically told to sail to Southeast Asia. For anyone who slept through Geography, follow the coast East past India; stop at Ports as usual. Around the Port of Malacca, Nasser will suggest checking the taverns for more information. Do this until you get word of an auction for the Sea of Light. Keep following the mainland coast to the East and you’ll reach Gia Dinh.

Indian Ocean Region Map Sailing Era
Image: Gamer Digest

Preparing for a Land Expedition

Upon reaching Gia Dinh, there’s an interaction at the Post that tells Abdullah they’re near the auction, but they need to “keep going Northwest.” We thought this meant “sail inland,” but we were wrong. You actually need to launch a Land Expedition from the Gia Dinh Post.

The main problem is you just got here. You need a Land Expedition Qualification for Gia Dinh to allow this, and odds are you’ve only just found this place. You need Port Contribution, 100 points worth, to get the Permit from the Governor’s Office.

Land Expedition Permit Sailing Era
Image: Gamer Digest

Thankfully it’s not hard to get. As someone playing Abdullah you already have experience fighting, so try taking a Bounty at the Governor’s Office. 1 Easy Bounty is enough. You can also Report Discoveries from the same menu, complete a commission at the Commerce Guild, or even sell goods at the Trade Center. Selling goods is slower but less risky.

However you manage it, return to the Governor’s Office to get the permit, then it’s back to the Post to set up the Expedition. Bring tools like the Grappling Hook and Logging Axe (found in the Item Store) for events you encounter. You also need Supplies. We rented an elephant to carry enough for an extended journey.

Governor's Office Sailing Era
Image: Gamer Digest

Finding the Auction

The Expedition system is a little different from normal gameplay. Like sailing, we consume Supplies over time. Unlike sailing, time is measured per movement on the map. We found the auction site 1 screen to the North and 1 tile to the West past some mountains. We’re not sure if that applies to everyone, so look for an icon on the Expedition Map.

Auction Location, Sailing Era
Image: Gamer Digest

If you go through the mountains instead of around them, remember that it takes more Supplies. The important thing is to keep “Northwest” in mind as you explore. If you don’t find it the first time, any ground you cover will stay revealed to make later searches easier. From there, let the story play out and return to Gia Dinh to end the Expedition.

That’s the end of our Guide on the Sailing Era quest, A Fair Trade. After all this build-up, we hope you and Abdullah find revenge satisfying. We’ve been sidetracked by the ship-building mechanics…

I’m off to find a Shipyard that sells proper warships. No more Sloops! We have more content and walkthroughs in our Sailing Era section.