Scarlet Tower: How to Get Fusion Weapons

Here's how to fuse weapons and get fusion weapons in Scarlet Tower.

Want the most powerful weapons in Scarlet Tower so you can survive the corruption? You will need to learn how to fuse weapons to get the best ones. Anyone familiar with action roguelike games similar to Vampire Survivors probably already knows about the weapon fusion process. The process is similar in Scarlet Tower, but if you haven’t played these games before, you’re probably wondering how it works.

In the guide below, we’ll explain exactly how to fuse and get fusion weapons, and provide a list of all the current weapon combinations in Scarlet Tower. Keep in mind this game is still in early access, so there will most likely be additional fusion weapons added in future updates. However, the process for getting them will always be the same. 

How to Fuse Weapons in Scarlet Tower

To fuse weapons in Scarlet Tower, you must have both of the required items for the recipe maxed out and then loot a chest or level up for a chance to find the fused weapon. 

Fusion weapons require two specific weapons. At the time of writing, there are five weapon fusions in Scarlet Tower:

  1. Blizzard Wand – Frost Staff + Glacial Staff
  2. Frost Dagger – Knife + Frost Scythe
  3. Raziel’s Tome – Holy Bible + Thunder Staff
  4. Underworld Tome – Holy Bible + Hellfire Staff
  5. Water Staff – Fire Staff + Frost Staff
How to Fuse Weapons in Scarlet Tower
Water Staff Fusion Weapon in Scarlet Tower, screenshot by Gamer Digest

Blizzard Wand

The Blizzard Wand creates an icy rain every eight seconds that deals 150 damage and applies Chill. Chilled enemies have their movement speed slowed.

  • Rank 2: Adds +3 Projectiles
  • Rank 3: Increases damage by +50
  • Rank 4: Adds +4 projectiles
  • Rank 5: Increases damage by +100

Frost Dagger

The Frost Dagger throws frost daggers every 12 seconds that pierce through enemies, dealing 30 damage and applying Chill.

  • Rank 2: Increases damage by +10
  • Rank 3: The scythes can pierce through +5 enemies
  • Rank 4: Increases damage by +20
  • Rank 5: The daggers can pierce through +5 enemies

Raziel’s Tome

Raziel’s Tome summons tomes that orbit your body every ten seconds for seven seconds, dealing five damage per hit. 

  • Rank 2: Adds +2 projectiles
  • Rank 3: Increases damage by +10
  • Rank 4: Increases projectile velocity by +25%
  • Rank 5: Increases damage by +15. Summons Holy Thunders on enemies every ten seconds. Each bolt deals 150 damage.

Underworld Tome

The Underworld Tome currently has no in-game item description, but it’s a powerful fusion weapon that deals tons of damage.

  • Rank 2: Increases damage by +100
  • Rank 3: Reduces cooldown by -2 seconds
  • Rank 3: Increases damage by +150
  • Rank 4: Increases Knockback by +200%

Water Staff

The Water Staff creates water energy every seven seconds that bounces through up to 20 enemies, dealing 50 damage per hit.

  • Rank 2: Increases damage by +20
  • Rank 3: Decreases cooldown by -2
  • Rank 4: Increases bounces through up to 40 enemies
  • Rank 5: Increases damage by +50

Those are all the fusion weapons in the game right now, but you can visit our Scarlet Tower Section to stay up-to-date with patch notes, walkthroughs, and guides. We’ll update the list if things change in future patches!