Scarlet Tower Weapons and Weapon Fusions

Here is the list of all the Scarlet Tower weapons, weapon fusions, and class-specific weapons.
Scarlet Tower Weapons and Weapon Fusions

Scarlet Tower is an action roguelike game inspired by Vampire Survivors. Players pick from one of several classes, upgrade their talent tree and skills, and try to defeat powerful bosses before the time limit runes out. Below is a list of all the Scarlet Tower weapons, including class-specific weapons and weapon fusions. 

Each of the seven classes starts with class-specific weapons in Scarlet Tower, which are listed below. In addition to the starting weapon, players also can hold six weapons at a time, obtained through leveling and looting chests. You can also combine weapons to create the most powerful ones, found below in the weapon fusions section.

Scarlet Tower Weapons

  • Celestial Sword: Creates a celestial slash every seven seconds that bounces through up to 12 enemies, dealing 90 damage.
  • Corruption Crown: Every 14 seconds, summons three darkness spirits around you for 12 seconds. Each spirit deals five damage.
  • Corruption Robe: Summons a Shadow Aura around you, the aura deals three damage to enemies hit.
  • Ectoplasm Wand: Shoots an ectoplasm energy every seven seconds, dealing 15 damage.
  • Fire Staff: Shoots a fireball every six seconds, dealing 20 damage and applying burn.
  • Frost Scythe: Every 12 seconds, creates a blast of scythes that pierces through enemies, dealing ten damage.
  • Frost Staff: Shoots Icy Shards every five seconds, dealing 12 damage and applying Chill.
  • Glacial Staff: Creates an icy rain every 12 seconds that deals 20 damage and applies Chill.
  • Hellfire Staff: Increases damage by 20.
  • Holy Bible: Every 14 seconds, summons the Holy Bible to orbit your body for seven dealings, dealing five damage per hit.
  • Ivy Staff: Increases damage by 10.
  • Knife: Every three seconds, throws a knife that pierces enemies in a line, dealing 15 damage.
  • Sacred Water: Every five seconds, throws a vial of holy water. The vial creates an area that deals five damage over time.
  • Silver Gun: Every seven seconds, shoots a silver bullet dealing 1400 damage.
  • Slime Staff: Shoots slime fluid every nine seconds, dealing 50 damage and applying Chill.
  • Thunder Staff: Summons lightning bolts on enemies every seven seconds. Each bolt deals 30 damage.
  • Snow Gun: Every 5 seconds, shoots a snow shot dealing 300 damage.
  • Explosive Gift:

Weapon Fusions

  • Blizzard Wand – Frost Staff + Glacial Staff
  • Frost Dagger – Knife + Frost Scythe
  • Raziel’s Tome – Holy Bible + Thunder Staff
  • Underworld Tome – Holy Bible + Hellfire Staff
  • Water Staff – Fire Staff + Frost Staff
  • Antichrist Blood – Sacred Water + Hellfire Staff
  • Horizon Sword – Celestial Sword + Ivy Staff
  • Darkness Cloak – Corruption Crown + Corruption Robe
  • Snow Cannon – Silver Gun + Snow Gun
  • Necrotic Orb – Corruption Orb + Slime Staff
  • Ectoplasm Gift – Explosive Gift + Ectoplasm Wand

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Character Specific Weapons

  • Scarlet Sword (Vylat): Creates a wave of blood that deals 25 damage and drains 0.25% of the damage dealt.
  • Cosmic Orb (Ninn): Shoots a cosmic orb that explodes, dealing 30 damage to enemies hit.
  • Celestial Bow (Lance): Shoots a burst of arcane arrows. Each arrow deals 25 damage and can piece through two enemies.
  • Hammer of Justice (Rhys): Thrusts the Hammer, dealing 25 damage and applying knockback on the way and returning to you.
  • Dual Katana (Allure): Slashes forward, creating a projectile that deals 45 damage.
  • Death Scythe (Veromus): Throws a Scythe that pierces every enemy hit, dealing 50 damage.
  • Moonlight Staff (Lyah): Summon the power of the moon to channel a beam of light. The beam lasts three seconds, dealing 50 damage.

To fuse weapons in Scarlet Tower, you need to have both of the required weapons at level six and then loot a chest. The chest has a chance to drop the power weapon fusion. For example, to get Raziel’s Tome, you need to have a level 6 Holy Bible and Thunder Staff and then loot a chest.

Scarlet Tower is still in early access on Steam. That means there will be much more content to come in the future. We will update our list accordingly as new contents gets added to the game.

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