Sifu Arenas Release Date, Trailer, and Everything You Need to Know

Sifu Arenas marks the game’s debut for the Xbox and Steam, while those who currently own the game will get the update for free. 

Developed by Sloclap and originally released on PlayStation consoles and PC in February of 2022, Sifu has been a smash hit, garnering a ton of attention and accolades to go along with its release. With over one million copies sold in the first three weeks of its debut, this sleeper hit seemingly came out of nowhere. Now, the game’s creators are following up on the success with a highly-anticipated expansion, free to all players who already own the game.

What is the Sifu Areans Expansion Release Date?

Sifu Arenas is scheduled to release on March 28, 2022, for PC, Xbox One, Xbox X|S, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5. The highly-anticipated release of the expansion coincides with the first time the game will be available on Steam and Xbox

Sifu Arenas Expansion Trailer

The minute-and-half trailer showcases some of the new game modes that will be featured in the expansion, as well as some new environments.

This new game mode is more of a “challenge mode,” where players from across the world can compete to get the highest scores. We’re very excited to see some of the best at the game pull off some amazing gameplay footage. 

Sifu Arenas Game Modes

Sifu Arenas boasts 9 totally brand-new locales and 45 new challenges over 5 different game modes. The new expansion will add around 10 additional hours of gameplay for players to enjoy when it releases on March 28. 

The new game modes featured in Sifu Arenas will include the following: 

  • Survival Mode: Combat an endless wave of enemies to get a high score. 
  • Performance Mode: A mode that concentrates on perfect timing, blocks, and attacks. 
  • Time Attack: Battle against the clock while also combating enemies. 
  • Capture Mode: Hold down an area in this king-of-the-hill game mode. 
  • Manhunt Mode: Take down a specific target within a horde of enemies. 

Sifu Arenas Story

Much like the base game, Sifu Areans will place you in control of the game’s protagonist, a young Pak Mei Kung Fu student that must avenge his fallen master. 

Unlike the base game, Sifu Areans is more-so a competitive mode, where players can perfect their techniques to try to be the best. Rather than relying on the deep and emotional storyline, players will be competing to get the highest scores. 

Do you plan on picking Sifu back up when Sifu Arenas releases? 

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