Slime Rancher 2 Hunter Gordo Location and Guide

Looking to hunt down all the Gordo? Well, you'll need to find the Slime Rancher 2 Hunter Gordo location to finish your quest.

If you’ve made your way onto Starlight Strand and are looking to knock all the Gordos out of the game, then the Hunter Gordo is one to get rid of. While the Hunter Gordo doesn’t provide anything too special at the moment, when the Monomi Park team updates Slime Rancher 2, there’s a good chance it will unlock something very special. In this guide, we’ll show you the Slime Rancher 2 Hunter Gordo location and what it unlocks. 

Slime Rancher 2 Hunter Gordo Location

The Hunter Gordo in Slime Rancher 2 is located in the mid-west portion of Starlight Strand. Go through the cave on the west and follow a dirt path until you find an entrance with large mushrooms around it. Feed the Hunter Gordo 50 Meat, or Hens and Roostros.

See below for the precise location of the Hunter Gordo in Slime Rancher 2: 

Once the Hunter Gordo explodes, it will expose a tunnel containing a Pod with Azure Shrubs, a nice little decoration you can use to swag out your Slime Rancher 2 Conservatory. 

Screenshot via Gamer Digest/Slime Rancher 2

While the gate or wall deep inside of the new unlocked cavern is blocked for the moment, there’s a likelihood that this is unfinished content that the developers still need to add to the game. So, even though it doesn’t seem worth getting the Hunter Gordo just for the Azure Shrubs, it will be worth it once the game is updated. 

We’ll keep you updated on what goodies the Hunter Gordo unlocks once that portion of the game is more developed. 

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