Smalland Adds New Leveling System

Now you can be the most powerful insect in the land.

If you were a fan of the mini-survival game, Smalland: Survive the Wilds but always wished there was a leveling mechanic outside the gear you’re wearing, you’re in luck because the game’s developers, Merge Games, are listening in and receptive. In a recent blog post to their Steam page, the team fleshes out the new aspects of their leveling system. 

The new system will enable gaining experience with every kill, harvest, or by completing quests and objectives from NPCs. Each time you level, you’ll be able to allocate points toward specific attributes.

The new stats in Smalland: Survive the Wilds includes the following:

  • Strength: Increases damage
  • Dexterity: Increases speed
  • Constitution: Increases health
  • Endurance: Increases stamina

Tamed creatures can also be leveled up to level 10. 

The new update also significantly changes how enemies are spawned in the game world, with enemies now having a level and associated stats. Players can view the level of creatures in the game world by using their Antenna mechanic. 

Smalland Leveling System
Merge Games

This is just the start of development on the skill and leveling mechanics in the game, so the developers are open and receptive to feedback from the community. To leave a comment, you can join the Smalland official Discord

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