Smalland Adds Stinkbugs and Birds

The Blue Tit and more insects will be added to the Smalland universe.

The developers of Smalland: Survive the Wilds, Merge Games, are slowly ramping up to the game’s full release, most recently adding a whole new area to explore and new NPCs to meet in the game world. Continuing this trend, they’ve recently updated players on two new enemy units making their way to the game. Sinkbugs and the Blue Tit. 

Smalland Stinkbug

According to a recent developer update

The Stinkbug may not be as threatening as a venomous arachnid or as icky as a squirming cockroach, but they’re still unpleasant to deal with nonetheless. As the name would imply, the stinkbug stinks, its main deterrent being the acrid secretions it blasts out. These clouds will linger, ticking away at your health and hanging stagnant in the air around the creature. But fret not! You can harness that stench for yourself in the palm of your little hands. Slay these creatures, and you can fashion their glands into throwable bombs that poison foes with area-of-effect damage!

Stinkbug Smalland Survive the Wilds
Merge Games

These huge creatures should be a nice change of pace and a new threat from the regular water bugs and cockroaches that players have had to contend with in the game’s various areas. 

Smalland Blue Tit

In addition to Stinkbugs, a new mount is coming to the game. The Blue Tit bird. There are fewer details about this mystic mount, but it’s also a boss you can take down. Unlike other mounts in the game, you won’t be able to create bait for it, and thus far — it’s a mystery how you’ll tame it. 

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