How to Tame Insects in Smalland: Survive the Wilds

If you want to own your own insects in Smalland, you’ll need to learn how to tame them. Here’s a quick rundown of what you need to do. 

Smalland: Survive the Wilds is a new survival game developed by Merge Games. In it, players are shrunk down to tiny insect-sized creatures called Smallfolk and must make their way through perilous situations and avoid ravenous giant insects. 

However, pretty early on, the player also is granted the ability to tame insects in the game world. If you’re wondering how to get your pet Ladybug or Grasshopper, you’ve come to the right place. 

How to Tame Insects in Smalland

To tame an insect in Smalland, players must craft a Treat and place it in their inventory. Then, find the insect you want to get that corresponds with the Treat and damage it to under half health before hitting the F key to tame it. 

Insects in Smalland can be used as mounts to get to locations faster or help you carry items from one place to another.

How to Tame Insects in Smalland (Ladybug)
Taming a Ladybug

Once the animal is Tamed, players can feed it by dropping a piece of food with the left CTRL key to restore its health and hitting the C key to perform different actions, including Mount, Use, Release, and Follow or Stay. 

All Tameable Insects in Smalland

See below for all tameable insects in Smalland, including how to get them and what they do:

Insect NameAbilitiesTreat NameTreat RecipeCraft Location
LadybugCarries items for the player.Ladybug Travel KitEdible Mushrooms x3, Nectar x2, Fiber x5Workbench
GrasshopperJumps with spacebar.Grasshopper TreatInsect Egg x3, Petal x1, Seed Oil x2Cauldron
GeckoSwims in water (player can still die from drowning).Gecko TreatAnt Head x2, Bee Head x2, Petal x1, Seed Oil x2Cauldron
Wolf SpiderRuns fast.Wolf Spider TreatGrasshopper Leg x1, Spider Eye x2, Insect Wings x3, Petal x1, Seed Oil x2Cauldron
DamselflyCan fly.Damselfly TreatFirefly Juice x3, Petal x1, Seed Oil x2Stone Oven

Currently, in Smalland, five tameable insects include the Ladybug, Grasshopper, Gecko, Wolf Spider, and Damselfly. To obtain the Treat recipe for the insects, players must complete different quests given by the NPCs in the game. 

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