Sons of the Forest: How to Give Your Companion Clothes

Here's how to give clothes to Kelvin or another companion in Sons of the Forest to help them stay warm and comfortable.

During your adventures in the nightmarish hellscape of Sons of the Forest, you will eventually find spare clothes you don’t need. Luckily, you can give these to your companion to improve their warmth and armor stats. Here’s how to give your companion clothes in Sons of the Forest. 

How to Give Clothes to Your Companion in Sons of the Forest

To give clothes to your companion, walk up to them and press “E.” If your companion is Kelvin, select the Take Item option. Select the clothes you want to give to your companion from your rolled-out bag, and they will immediately start wearing them. 

Sons of the Forest: How to Give Your Companion Clothes

Clothes have stats on them, which are viewable by hovering over them in your inventory. Different clothes have different stats for warmth, comfort, and waterproofing, but it’s unclear whether or not this affects survival mechanics at this point in the game.

You’ll likely find a hoodie and other spare clothes inside the random suitcases and luggage strewn across the island. Since you can only wear one layer at a time, you can always give your extra threads to your companion.

So there you have it; that’s how to give spare clothes to your companion in Sons of the Forest. Doing this will change their appearance and what they’re wearing. Be sure to pick up any spare clothing you find lying around the island. You can give it to your squadmates or in-game companions.

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