Sons of the Forest: How to Cut Down the Hanging Man

If you're struggling with how to get to the hanging man GPS marker, we have your solution.

In Sons of the Forest, one of your first objectives is to locate the purple GPS markers across the map. One of which leads to a hanging man that seems out of reach. Here’s how to get the marker off him. 

Each GPS marker in Sons of the Forest has some challenges players must overcome before reaching it. One of the first markers you are likely to find is the hanging man, and retrieving the marker is one of the easier tasks in the game. Here’s how to cut down the hanging man in Sons of the Forest. 

How to Cut Down the Hanging Man in Sons of the Forest

When you initially approach the marker, you’ll see a cliff with a steep drop and a man hanging from a rope. Trying to jump down or climb the cliff won’t work. To cut down the hanging man, open your inventory with I and equip your knife and cut the rope tied to a rock at the top of the cliff. Once you do this, he’ll drop down, and you’ll be able to get a Flashlight from his body. 

Cutting Down Hanging Man in Sons of the Forest

If you missed it the first time around, don’t worry — the game never tells you exactly what you need to do, so it’s understandable if you were stumped. No, you don’t need to build a Lookout Tower to get to him, you simply need to pull out your knife and cut him down. 

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