Sons of the Forest: Where to Find Modern Axe

Chop down trees faster with the Modern Axe.

Love chopping trees but hate doing it at a snail’s pace in Sons of the Forest? Here is where you can find the Modern Axe. 

In Sons of the Forest, there are a ton of hidden items in camps strewn across the island that players must discover. One such camp is not marked on your GPS, but has the Modern Axe, an upgraded version of the axe players start off with in the beginning. Keep reading for the precise location of the Modern Axe. 

Where to Find the Modern Axe in Sons of the Forest

The Modern Axe is an upgraded axe within the game and can cut down trees quickly or be used as an offensive weapon. The Modern Axe can be found buried in a man’s chest in a small camp directly next to the Hanging Man GPS Beacon and Cave at the mountain’s base. 

Sons of the Forest Map Location

Ultimately, finding the item will save you a ton of time, especially if you want to build a more complex base and find yourself chopping down trees a lot. Later in the game, players can obtain other cool weapons to cut down trees, like a Fireman’s Axe and Chainsaw, but this weapon will for sure hold you over until you get to the end game.

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