Sons of the Forest: Where to Find the Shovel

Here's where to find the Shovel in Sons of the Forest, and what you'll need to retrieve it.

If you’ve been following the purple markers in Sons of the Forest, you’ve likely already stumbled upon the burial site. As you may have guessed by the beeping GPS tracker, you’ll need a shovel to do some digging at this location. The shovel is an item that can be difficult to obtain, since you’ll need two other items to unlock it. Here’s how to get the shovel in Sons of the Forest.

Where to Find the Shovel in Sons of the Forest

The shovel is located inside a cave with three bodies in front of it. You can find this cave marked on the map next to a river near the snowy mountain. The shovel is at the very end of the cave and requires both a Rope Gun and a Rebreather to access it. 

Upon entering the cave, you will notice a zipline leading across a crevice. You will need the Rop Gun to be able to zipline across it. Once across, you will need to jump into the water and swim down through the hole in the ground. Continue swimming until you can surface once again.

Follow the path inside the cave, and you will eventually slip down a stream of water like a waterslide. Turn around and face the slope you just slid down, and walk to the left side of it, where you will see a few red boxes on the ground. Continue following the path past the dead construction workers and keep going until you reach another body of water.

Swim underwater until you reach the surface, and then keep following the path. You will eventually stumble upon a dead construction worker holding the shovel. Loot the shovel — be sure to loot the grenade in the box, as well, because you’ll need it to get out of there.

Sons of the Forest: Shovel Location

The next thing you’ll wonder is how to get out of the shovel cave. It’s a good question, and the answer is you’ll need to backtrack to the spot where you slid down the watery slope. On your way back, you should notice a big blobby creature has spawned in the wall. Use a grenade to blow it up, and follow the path to the cave’s exit. 

If you get lost or have trouble finding the blob, go back to the water slide and take the path to the left if you’re looking at the slide. The blob would be on your right side if you were to follow the path like you were going to get the shovel for the first time.

There you have it; that’s how to get the shovel in Sons of the Forest. It’s tough, and the cave is super dangerous if you’re playing on any difficulty higher than Peaceful.