Superfuse: Does it Have Multiplayer?

Want to combine superpowers with your friends?

Different strokes for different folks, as they say. Some players prefer to play action RPGs solo, while others find things a bit more exciting in the company of friends. So, now that Superfuse is in Early Access, some players may wonder if the game has multiplayer. That’s a good question, and we have your answer below.

Is Superfuse Multiplayer?

Superfuse has online and offline play, including up to 4-player PvE co-op. Players can freely jump in and out of co-op campaign modes to mix and match fused superpowers with their friends. 

Players can create Online or Offline characters. Offline characters can never join Online sessions, and vice versa. To play with friends, you’ll need to head into the Server Browse and go to Create Game. Set up your game name and password (optional), choose the region, max players, and loot type, and create the game. Your friends can then join you by going into the Server browser, selecting Join Private Game, and entering the game name and password.

Drop trading is also in the game as of Early Access, which means you can drop items on the ground, and your friends in-game can pick them up. This is good news for fans who love playing action RPGs in good company, as you can always share that class-specific unique item or fuse you find with someone who can actually use it!

Currently, Superfuse is available on PC and is in Early Access on Steam. You can visit the Superfuse Steam page to purchase the game and jump into the new comic-book-styled hack’n’slash ARPG today! For guides and walkthroughs, head over to our Superfuse Section for lots more content.