How to Increase Fuse Capacity in Superfuse

Here's how to get more Fuse Capacity in Superfuse.

After familiarizing yourself with the Fuse System in Superfuse, you’ll probably start to experiment with fusing different skills. Your Fuse Capacity is a number that limits the total amount of fuses you can add to your skills. So, how do you increase your Fuse Capacity in Superfuse? Let’s take a look and find out!

How to Increase Fuse Capacity in Superfuse

Fuse Capacity increases as you level up your character. You get 5 Fuse Capacity for every level. That means at level 20, for instance, you will have 100 overall Fuse Capacity. You can always check your Fuse Capacity by going into the Fuse Skill menu and looking at the top of the screen.

Fuse Capacity is a character-wide limit, which means each skill you add Fuses to takes up some of your overall capacity. That adds an element of decision-making to the game — do you want to stack one skill with as many modifiers as possible and only use one skill, or do you want to create a synergy build that uses a couple of different skills?

Each Fuse has its own Capacity Cost ranging from 10 to 20. For example, the passive Energy Cost Reduction fuse has 10 Capacity Cost, whereas the Fireball Barrage fuse has 20 Capacity Cost. Of course, as you level up and increase your overall Fuse Capacity, you’ll be able to equip more fuses and eventually max out specific skills.

Now that you know how to increase your Fuse Capacity in Superfuse, you may want to rethink your overall build every few levels as you unlock new skills and discover new fuses! For more guides, walkthroughs, and builds, head over to our Superfuse Section.