Superfuse: What’s the Max Level in Early Access?

Action RPGs are always a grind, and that’s part of the fun — grinding levels, looking for those perfect items, and, in Superfuse’s case, finding more fuses! One common question players always ask about these types of games is: what is the max level? Well, we’ve got everything you need to know about the level cap in Superfuse.

What’s the Max Level in Superfuse?

The maximum level in Superfuse Early Access is 30. However, players should keep in mind that Superfuse has only just entered Early Access as of January 31, so things will likely change with future patches and content updates. 

A Raw Fury team member chimed in on Discord to say, “the max level is 30 […] but along our EA journey, this may ONLY go up. Who knows what else 2023 has in store!”

A level 30 character will have 150 Fuse Capacity, giving plenty of room to experiment with fusing different skills and testing other builds. New players can check out our guide on the Superfuse Fuse system to get a basic overview of the most important part of the game.

And, of course, there are always more classes in Superfuse to try out if you ever get bored with your first character. Take your pick from Elementalist, Technomancer, or Berserker, and see which type of play style you prefer!

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