Tchia: How to Sneak to the End of the Room

One of the final things players have to do in Tchia is to sneak to the end of the room to defeat Meavora. Here’s how to do it. 

Once you get consumed by Meavora, one of the paths will lead you to a skills test where you must Soul Jump into an eye and reach the end of a maze. Getting past the giant eye, however, might be confusing, so we’ve created this guide to show you how to sneak to the end of the room. For the most part, this portion of the game is pretty straightforward.

How to Sneak to the End of the Room in Tchia

To sneak to the end of the room, use the left thumbstick to aim and move the eye forward on the track. Hit X or A on your controller to jump across platforms. The teeth platforms will dissolve under you, so you’ll need to ensure you go over those quickly. If players fall into the pit of acid, they lose and must restart from the closest checkpoint. Once you reach the end portion with the giant eye laser beam, 

Sneak to the end of the room in Tchia

Use the right thumbstick to position the camera behind the eye. This will ensure you can see what’s happening in front of you. 

If you’re still having trouble completing the quest, see this short video we made for this portion. 

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