Tchia: How to Get the Arrr! Trophy

Arrr matey!

If you’re trying to style like a true pirate, you can obtain pirate cosmetics by completing the Arrr! Trophy challenge in Tchia. Here’s our guide on how to complete it.

In the new indie adventure-game Tchia, players can get a variety of cosmetics to deck out their characters and boats. If you’re looking to get the Arrr! Trophy, you’ll need to get some pirate cosmetics for Tchia and your boat. To do so, players will need Pearls and Braided Trinkets.

Tchia Arrr! Trophy Guide and Locations

To obtain the Arr! Trophy players must wear the complete Pirate outfit and equip the boat style. The Pirate outfit can be found in a gift at the Yena Poutoi! gift store in the center of the city of Aemoon on Madra Noj. The boat style can be found in a gift at the southern Dock called Lai on the island of Madra Noj. 

Pirate Outfit and Boat Style Locations Tchia

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How to Get the Pirate Outfit in Tchia

The Pirate Outfit is in the center of town next to other cosmetics, including the Police outfit, Divers outfit, and Punk outfit. To obtain the Pirate Outfit, walk up to the gift and hit Square (PS controller) or X (Xbox controller). 

Players will need the following materials for the Pirate Outfit: 

  • 5 Clam Pearls
  • 20 Braided Trinkets 

How to Get the Pirate Boat Style in Tchia

On the southern tip of Madra Noj, there’s a dock called Lai, and the Pirate boat style is just next to the attendant stand on the Dock. 

Players will need the following materials for the Pirate boat style: 

  • 5 Clam Pearls
  • 20 Braided Trinkets 

If you are struggling to find enough Clam Pearls for cosmetics, there are at least 5 in the coral reef directly west of Lai. Remember, Clam Pearls can be found all around coral reef beds around the islands of New Caledonia. You’ll need to dive down to get them. 

Players can equip the Pirate outfit at a Campfire, then change the boat style at the Dock. Once you do this, you’ll have completed the Trophy challenge requirements.

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